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Around Hyderabad

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, is a bustling metropolitan city in southern India, with a rich history and vibrant culture spanning more than 400 years. The erstwhile capital of the Nizams and now an important hub of information technology, it has all the trappings of a modern city but retains its old-world charm. Apart from the Charminar, the iconic monument which is almost symbolic of Hyderabad, the city offers many other tourist attractions ranging from the historic Golconda Fort, Salar Jung museum, Chowmahalla palace and Qutb Shahi tombs to the modern day Shilparamam (an arts and crafts village) and Ramoji Film City. Famous for its pearls and its mouth-watering cuisine especially the Hyderabadi biryani, this lovely city has something for everyone.

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Places to See in Hyderabad

Golconda Fort
Golkonda derives its name from 'Gol konda', which means round shaped hill or 'Golla konda', meaning Shepherd's Hill in Telugu. It is a citadel and fort, that served as the capital of the medieval sultanate of the Qutb Shahi dynasty (c.1512–1687). The region was known for the diamond trade & has produced some of the world's most famous gems, including the Koh-i-Noor, the Hope Diamond, Nassak Diamond and the Noor-ul-Ain.
Address: Khair Complex, Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad, Telangana 500008
14km from Hotel Katriya

Salar Jung Museum
This is one of the three National Museums of India. It was endowed to the nation after the death of Salar Jung III, who served as Prime Minister of Hyderabad during the Nizam's rule. He spent a substantial amount of his income, over a period of 35years, collecting artefacts from all over the world. It is one of the largest museums of the world, housing a massive collection of sculptures, paintings, carvings, textiles, manuscripts, ceramics, metallic artefacts, carpets, clocks, and furniture.
Address: Salar Jung Rd, Near Minar Function Hall, Darulshifa, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002
10.5 km from Hotel Katriya

Chowmahalla Palace
Chowmahalla Palace was the official residence of the Nizams of Hyderabad & was built by Nizam Salabat Jung. The name 'Chowmahalla' means 4 palaces, which includes Afzal Mahal, Mahtab Mahal, Tahniyat Mahal and Aftab Mahal, all built in the neo-classical style. All ceremonial functions including the accession of the Nizams and reception of royal guests were held here.
Address: 20-4-236, Motigalli, Khilwat, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002
9.5km from Hotel Katriya

The Charminar (four minarates), constructed in 1591, is known globally as a symbol of Hyderabad. It had a mosque on its top floor for more than 400 years & is well known for the popular and busy local markets (Laad bazaar) surrounding the structure. The monument has religious & historical significance & is specially well lit & grand during festivals, such as Eid-ul-adha and Eid-ul-fitr.
Address: Charminar Rd, Char Kaman, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500002
8.5km from Hotel Katriya

Ramoji Film city
Ramoji Film city is certified by the Guinness World Records as the largest film studio complex in the world. It was built by Telugu film producer Ramoji Rao in 1996. It is a popular recreation centre, containing amusement parks & other natural and artificial attractions.
Address: Anaspur Village, Hayathnagar Mandal, Hyderabad - 501512
40.4km from Hotel Katriya

Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village, conceived with an idea to create an environment for the preservation of traditional crafts. Shilparamam gives a scenic ambience of tradition and cultural heritage, which not only showcases various artefacts and traditionally made handicrafts but is also a home for various performing artists.
Address: Hi Tech City Main Road, Madhapur, HITEC City, Hyderabad - 500081 from Hotel Katriya

Hussain Sagar Lake
The lake connects two parts of the city, Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The largest artificial lake in Asia, Hussain Sagar lake was excavated in 1562 AD during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutub Shah. A large monolithic statue of the Gautama Buddha, erected in 1992, stands on Gibraltar Rock in the middle of the lake.
Address: situated about 8 km from Hotel Katriya

Birla Mandir
This temple is constructed on top of the 280 ft high hillock of Kalapahad, using 2000 tonnes of white marble brought from Rajasthan and combines South Indian, Utkal temple and Rajasthani architecture. The temple has a 11 ft. tall statue of Lord Lakshminarayana with a magnificent lotus carved around it.
Address: Hill Fort Rd, Ambedkar Colony, Khairtabad, Hyderabad- 500004
5km from Hotel Katriya